Death of The Fairy King is Now in Paperback

Yeah! “Death of The Fairy King” is now available at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and in Amazon in both eBook and printed versions!

I had done an eBook before but never a printed paperback and it was very different! It was certainly a learning experience and I’m sure the next time, it will go easier and a lot faster. There is something to be said about learning something new, such as a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that you have faced down the beast and conquered it. The only problem is, it left me feeling a little lost because so much of my time was spent writing, formatting, editing, etc. this book – it was my first thought on waking and my last thought before going to sleep.

It’s time to move on (another book has already formed itself in my mind!) but there is a sadness to letting go of “Death of The Fairy King” and all it’s characters. I think I’m going to allow some transition time to get my bearings before starting another book.

Does anyone else experience a feeling of loss upon completion of a book?

Here are the links to my book:


Barnes & Noble eBook (NOOK):




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