The Terror of Corrupted eBook Files

Can you image what it would feel like if you opened your eBook files to work on your book and you got a “file corrupted” notification?
That happened to me this past week! I got a new laptop with Windows 8 and devoted 5 days to studying the process of Windows 7 versus Windows 8. After getting comfortable working with the new laptop, I opened up my Book file located on my PC to get some writing done. The message was devastating – the files were corrupted and could not be opened!

I felt like a friend had died! My backup was old – I had added about 3,000 more words and my outline was in the same folder as the book and would not open. After a crying jag, I was determined to not give up. I deleted an old version of on my PC and installed the latest update. I then opened it up, browsed to the corrupted book file location and there it was!

The moral of the story is don’t backup your eBook file in the same folder! I have since uploaded a copy to DropBox and Google Docs, where it is presently residing, waiting expectantly for me to¬† finish!