Free E-Book on Amazon – Reviews Needed!

On August 1, 2014, I will be using the FREE promotion tool on Amazon for my eBook, “Death of The Fairy King”. I know that I am being incredibly impatient but I would really like to see some reviews coming in! For my non-fiction eBook, I had a built in audience and an email customer list already in place so getting some reviews was not too  hard.

This is my first full length non-fiction book (both printed and in an eBook format) and, as a self-published and  newbie indie author, I truly would like some input, so, if you have the time, please download the eBook, read it, and add a review in Amazon.

Death of The Fairy King” is a mystery/suspense book. Here is the description on Amazon:

Two ten-year-old girls go into the forest near their home one hot summer night but only one child returns, dazed and spattered with her friend’s blood. Jenny has no memory of what happened but in her nightmares, she sees a mythical figure from local lore called the Fairy King. Is the Fairy King just a legend or is he the alter ego of a dangerous psychopathic child killer?

The police are unable to solve the mysterious disappearance of Jenny’s friend and twelve years go by as she tries desperately to get on with her life. No matter how much she tries, the past refuses to let her go and she moves through her day to day existence with an empty space in her heart and mind. A chance encounter with a book about the abduction triggers new nightmares and drags her back to that terrible summer night and her encounter with the Fairy King.
Jenny never completely regains her lost memories but as an adult, she returns to her hometown, hoping her presence will stir up fresh clues in the mysterious disappearance. She vows to find her friend, end her nightmares, and unmask the Fairy King, whatever the cost. Potential witnesses hold the key to solving this case but each one ends up dead, keeping the long buried indiscretions of a small town safe.
Will Jenny solve the mystery in time to save other victims of the Fairy King or is she destined to end up like her friend, gone without a trace?



If you have an eBook and, if it is in the genre that I like (mystery, suspense, science fiction, horror), let me know!



“Death of The Fairy King” Thriller Now FREE for a Short Time

“Death of The Fairy King” Thriller Now FREE for a Short Time.

“Death of The Fairy King” Thriller Now FREE for a Short Time



Death of The Fairy KingDeath of The Fairy King“, which is a psychological thriller, is now available at Smashwords for FREE! Here is a description:

Two ten-year-old girls go into the forest near their home one hot summer night but only one child returns, dazed and spattered with her friend’s blood. Jenny has no memory of what happened but in her nightmares, she sees a mythical figure from local lore called the Fairy King. Is the Fairy King just a legend or is he the alter ego of a dangerous psychopathic killer?

This eBook is only available for FREE from Smashwords and you need to use the coupon code SSW75

I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it!






Death of The Fairy King is Now in Paperback

Yeah! “Death of The Fairy King” is now available at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and in Amazon in both eBook and printed versions!

I had done an eBook before but never a printed paperback and it was very different! It was certainly a learning experience and I’m sure the next time, it will go easier and a lot faster. There is something to be said about learning something new, such as a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that you have faced down the beast and conquered it. The only problem is, it left me feeling a little lost because so much of my time was spent writing, formatting, editing, etc. this book – it was my first thought on waking and my last thought before going to sleep.

It’s time to move on (another book has already formed itself in my mind!) but there is a sadness to letting go of “Death of The Fairy King” and all it’s characters. I think I’m going to allow some transition time to get my bearings before starting another book.

Does anyone else experience a feeling of loss upon completion of a book?

Here are the links to my book:


Barnes & Noble eBook (NOOK):



Formatting Woes Conquered For My EBook

All I can say is “Wow”! I have learned so much this past week about formatting and have taken lots and lots of notes, hoping I will never repeat my mistakes.

There is a ton of information out there on the internet about the best ways to format an ebook for Smashwords, Amazon, etc. but a lot of it is contradictory. There are also a lot of differences in how an ebook shows up in the reader of your choice. I especially noticed a great deal of difference between the readability of  my ePub in Calibre and Adobe Digital because Adobe had lots of blank pages and Calibre had none. How in the world can I know exactly how my ebook will look once it is available to the public?

I guess being a control freak brings a lot more pressure to the process but I believe that anyone who buys my book (Death of The Fairy King) deserves a proper format without any distractions.

I am finally happy with my Smashwords version and correct font, paragraphs, etc. was not the problem – everything passed through the Autovetter quickly. I finally (I think!) fixed the problem of blank pages by taking out 2 paragraph returns at the end of every chapter before the page break.

I would love to know if other authors had this problem!

Death of The Fairy King is now on Smashwords!

I have just gotten my new eBook, “Death of The Fairy King“, up and running on Smashwords!

It was a lot easier than I thought (for some reason, I try to make everything hard and complicated!) and it renders very well in Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, and on my Kindle. I am trying something different this time – I am using the pre-order feature to see how that works with my marketing and plan to report back on this blog how well it worked.

I am also putting the price at $1.99 until the books release on June 16, 2014, at which time it will be raised to it’s normal price of $2.99. If anyone has any tips, suggestions, etc. for using the pre-order in Smashwords, any words of wisdom will be appreciated!

Death of The Fairy King

Coming in June, 2014!
A psychological mystery

Has Anyone Used Pandoc?

I am getting ready to format my new novel “Death of The Fairy King” and someone suggested that I look into conversion software called “Pandoc”. If you go into the site, it does have a section on eBook conversion but, after going through forums and blogs online, I don’t see any mention of this software among Indie eBook authors.

The homepage is located at:

Has anyone used this for their eBook and, if so, what is your opinion?

Your feedback would be very welcome:)


Why Do You Write?

I recently started writing after many years and I finally figured out why it took me so long! I am something of a perfectionist and believe one of the reasons I stopped writing was because I compared myself with top writers in my field. If you compare yourself with the very best, it’s probably a given that you won’t measure up initially.

I took a step back and gave myself some slack because I am sure that even the best writers needed time to find their own voice and this probably did not happen overnight. In society today, many seek instant gratification but I believe there is something to be said for those who practice their craft, getting better and better as they learn from their  mistakes and from those who have traveled this path before, slogging through rough drafts and studies of correct grammar.

Another encouragement for me is the establishment of self-publishing – I don’t think I would have ventured back into writing without all the options available to publish my own work. It has been lots of fun to experiment with words and search inside for that book just waiting to be written!

Why exactly do you write? Is it to get a handle on your own feelings, exorcise personal demons, or share a vision with others?


Death of The Fairy King

Coming in May, 2014!
A psychological mystery


Saying “Goodbye” To Your Character

I need to admit it – I am having a hard time saying “Goodbye” to my main character, Jenny! This may sound strange by I have become attached to her, standing by her side through adversity and enjoying her triumphs over the protagonist who would destroy her and those she loves.

I am in the process of editing “Death of The Fairy King” and am looking for avenues to promote the book. I just recently read a Kindle eBook called “Author Publicity Pack” by Shelley Hitz & Heather Hart and found it to contain really useful information.

It’s available on Amazon so, if you get a chance, check it out!



What is Your Writing Style?

What writing style works for you? Everyone is different and I have read just about every book available on writing a novel. I am also an “addicted” reader and my favorite time of the day is when I relax and read so I know what I look for in a good novel.

There are many ways to write but I have found a system that works for me. The first thing I do is write my premise and, from there, I write out by hand about 2 pages of the story I have in my head.  I then make an outline using the 3 Act method, using just the basic points that I wish to capture for my story. Outlining my scenes and sequels come next (Goal,Conflict,Disaster and Reaction,Dilemma,Decision).

When I actually start writing the book itself, I start with the beginning and ending and then fill in the middle. Some would say that this limits creativity but I don’t agree. I feel like having a structure for my novel first is like adding the secure foundation to a house – a collapse is likely without a strong base.

What is your favorite writing method or do you have your own unique style?


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