What is Your Writing Style?

What writing style works for you? Everyone is different and I have read just about every book available on writing a novel. I am also an “addicted” reader and my favorite time of the day is when I relax and read so I know what I look for in a good novel.

There are many ways to write but I have found a system that works for me. The first thing I do is write my premise and, from there, I write out by hand about 2 pages of the story I have in my head.  I then make an outline using the 3 Act method, using just the basic points that I wish to capture for my story. Outlining my scenes and sequels come next (Goal,Conflict,Disaster and Reaction,Dilemma,Decision).

When I actually start writing the book itself, I start with the beginning and ending and then fill in the middle. Some would say that this limits creativity but I don’t agree. I feel like having a structure for my novel first is like adding the secure foundation to a house – a collapse is likely without a strong base.

What is your favorite writing method or do you have your own unique style?


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